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LU-1N Series

For Various & Flexible Production

LU-1N Series

1-panel 1-beam machine suitable for FPC. Applicable for smaller hole drilling (50um) and laser cutting. Suitable for various kinds, middle or small volume production.

  • Panels & Beams


  • HDI
  • BGA
  • CSP
  • FC-BGA
  • FPC
  • Multilayer board for automotive, communication infrastructure and server.
  • Specification
  • Product Type LU-1N21E
    Max. Drilling Area 560mmx620mm
    1 Panel
    X, Y axis Feed Rate 36m/min
    Number of Laser head 1
    Laser Wave length 355nm
    Laser Output S-TA15/: 15W
    Galvano Scan Area □50mm
    CNC H.MARK-55L