Product & Solution


High presition 6 axis Machine


The newest machine in the world's bestselling series. A versatile model capable of a wide variety of processing including automotive PCB, high frequency substrate, and back drilling

  • Drill Diameter

    0.1~6.35 mm

  • SP speed

    160,200k rpm

  • PC/Motherboard
  • HDI
  • BGA
  • CSP
  • FC-BGA
  • Aoutomotive
  • Specification
  • Features
  • Product Type ND-6A2226
    Number of Stations/Spindle Spacing 6stations/560mm(22.0 inch)
    Max. Drilling Area 660mm×560mm
    (26.0 inch×22.0 inch)
    Spindle H916:15,000~160,000min-1
    Drill Diameter Φ0.1~φ6.35mm
    Number of ADC 300 kinds 300 tools /axle
    Z axis Feed Rate 0.101~12.7m/min
    X,Y axis Positioning Accuracy ±0.004mm
    Drilling Accuracy ±0.015mm
    CNC MARK-55N
  • Technology

    Providing reliability and high quality by own core technology.
    ・Realizes high speed and high accuracy by machine structure.
    ・Controls the XYZ axes by original servo compensation technology.
    ・Providing own CNC and various applications.
    ・Development of our own spindles and spindle production by ABL in the UK.

    High speed and high accuracy

    Achieves high speed and high accuracy by integrated design of servo control and machine.

    Energy saving

    The industry's top class energy saving performance.
    ・Power consumption average 8KVA.
    ・Air consumption average 400L/min.