Product & Solution


Single-axis machines for small lot, multi-product production with a variety of applications, from high-precision products to R&D products.


Equipped with the Vision system to allow for X, Y and θ axis compensation and high-precision processing including back-drilling and flip processing.

  • Drill Diameter

    Φ0.1~φ6.35mm mm

  • SP speed

    160, 200k rpm rpm

  • PC/Motherboard
  • HDI
  • BGA
  • CSP
  • FC-BGA
  • Aoutomotive
  • Specification
  • Product Type ND-1A221 ND-1A281
    Number of Stations 1 stations
    Max.Drilling Area 560×700mm(22×28inch) 735×820mm(29×32.3inch)
    Spindle H916:15,000~160,000min-1
    Drill Diameter Φ0.1~φ6.35mm
    Number of ADC 300 kinds 300 tools / axle
    XY axis Feed Rate 60m/min
    Z axis Feed Rate 0.101~12.7m/min
    X,Y Positioning Accuracy ±0.004mm
    Drilling Accuracy ±0.015mm ±0.018mm
    CNC MARK-55N