Product & Solution

ND-6IC Series

A drilling machine equipped with vision cameras on all six axes, to allow for individual compensation for each axis

ND-6IC Series

This drilling machine compensates all axes individually, supporting high multilayer boards and back drilling with higher precision and allowing for mass production and package substrates with super high precision. Equipped with vision cameras on all six axes, this machine can compensate the position, dimensional change, and orientation of a workpiece on each axis.

  • Drill Diameter

    φ0.1~φ6.35mm/φ0.05~φ4.0 mm

  • SP speed

    160,000min-1、200,000min-1/300,000min-1、350,000min-1 rpm

  • PC/Motherboard
  • HDI
  • BGA
  • CSP
  • FC-BGA
  • Aoutomotive
  • Specification
    Product Type ND-6IC2226 ND-6IC2528
    Number of Stations / Spindle Spacing 6 stations/560mm6 stations/635mm
    Max. Drilling Area 555×670(22inch×26inch)635×735mm(25inch×28inch)
    Spindle H930:20,000~300,000 min-1 V200:15,000~200,000 min-1
    Drill Diameter φ0.05~φ4.0mmφ0.1~φ6.35mm
    Number of ADC 300 kinds 250 tools/stations 300 kinds 300 tools/stations
    Z axis Feed Rate 0.101~12.7m/min
    X,Y Positioning Accuracy ±0.004mm
    Drilling Accuracy ±0.015mm
    CNC MARK-55N