Product & Solution

LC-4N Series

CO2 Laser Processing Machine for New Generation Package PCBs

LC-4N Series

Achieves high-precision hole position accuracy at the highest level in the world Achieved 20,000hole/sec. with high power laser head and nwe optical sysytem.

  • Panels & Beams


  • HDI
  • BGA
  • CSP
  • FC-BGA
  • FPC
  • Multilayer board for automotive, communication infrastructure and server.
  • Specification
  • Product Type LC-4NT252 / LC-4NF252
    Max. Drilling Area 620mm x 620mm
    2 panel
    X,Y axis Feed Rate 50m/min
    Number of Beams 4
    Laser Output H3080 /1000W
    Galvano Scan Area 50 x 50mm  /  30 x 30mm
    CNC MARK-55L