Via Mechanics, Ltd.


Corporate Information


Environment, Health and Safety

Environment, health and safety (“EHS”) is the basis of corporate governance.
We shall manage our activity to minimize any negative effect of environment, health and safety on the community and society in which we act as well as employees of our group so that we take pride in it.

Via Mechanics EHS Policy(16th December 2014)

1. We comply with laws and ordinances as well as our own regulations on EHS, and take further care for their management by ,but not limited to, prevention of any disaster and pollution.
2. We change our work environment to be much safer and more comfortable, and to be “Zero-hazard”from“Zero-disaster”.
3. We implement the EHS action with all employees as well as whoever works inside our factory through good commnuication.
4. We uplift the consciousness level of EHS through training and internal publicity work.
5. We invest required and proper management resource to implement the EHS action, and keep on improving effectively.
6. We enhance manufacture environmentally friendly and improvement of environment performance of our products, and take harmony with the global environment.

Environmental Preservation Efforts

Via Mechanics, Ltd. obtained certificate of approval ISO14001:2004 certificate for PCB drilling machines, PCB routing machines, Laser Processing machines, Hole Analyzar, Jig Processing Machines.