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NR Series

Achieves high precision processing through integrated design of servo control and a machine structure specialized for routing.

NR Series

60krpm (ball bearing)and 80krpm (air bearing)options also available. Equipped a diverse selection of functions including NR QIC and spot facing to allow for a wide range of routing applications. Optional installation of the Vision system (for single axis only)also allows for X, Y, and θ axes compensation.

  • Specifications
  • Product Type NR-6RA2126
    Number of Stations/
    Spindle Spacing
    6 stations/
    538mm (21.2inch)
    Max. Processing Area 538×660mm(21inch×26inch)
    Spindle Speed HB60:10,000~60,000min-1
    XY axis Feed Rate 50m/min 60m/min
    XY Processing Speed 0.101~10m/min
    X,Y Positioning Accuracy ±0.005mm(with linear scale)
    Processing Accuracy 0.05mm
    CNC MARK-55N