Field Service

Field Service

Installation ■ We provide set-up service to have you use your machine at the best condition earlier for your satisfaction.

On-call After Service ■ On- call contact window is allocated in Call center in Japan and Global Offices.

Maintenance(Spot Contract basis, Annual Contract basis) ■ We support to keep your machines used at the best condition.
■ We provide various maintenance menu.

Instruction & Training for Machine Opereation and Maintenance ■ We provide customer technical support; operation instruction, maintenance training and so on.
■ We instruct machine processing technnology and provide our know-how to improve your products in respect of quality and productivity.

Relocation (Domestic / Cross Boarder) ■ We correspond to your request for transportaion, set-up, maintenance training and operation instruction of the installed machines in case of your layout change in a factory, domestic relocation among factories and cross-border relocation due to your operation change.