Competent Technology

Smartphones, PCs, IT networks, industrial machines, and household appliances used the world over, not to mention things like supercomputers and data center servers… Do you know how electronic and communications devices like these are able to function?
The secret is the package substrates and printed circuit boards that are embedded in all electronic devices. Package substrates and printed circuit boards are used to send electronic signals, and they tell devices which function to perform when a given button is pushed.
The faster and more precise they are, the more they can accomplish. In this way, the machines and technology that produce package substrates and printed circuit boards are helping to build a richer and more convenient world.

Via Mechanics is the leading company in substrate hole-drilling equipment. This is due to our strong technological foundation, built upon machining technology passed down since 1910. Our technical skills, recognized the world over, are our pride and joy, and with them we are constantly working to fulfill the demands of the cutting edge. The extensive product line we have developed thanks to this stance has been widely praised from all corners. Today, we support production of printed circuit boards that are indispensable in every kind of electronic product.
ビアメカニクス ビアメカニクス
ビアメカニクス ビアメカニクス
Pride and
Technology Handed Down
As the needs for electronic devices and components become more diverse and sophisticated, there is also increasing demand that the printed circuits board (PCB) technology required for those devices and components become denser, have more layers, and have holes of a smaller diameter. Since 1971, when Via Mechanics created our first model, we have consistently acted with great precision, excellent productivity, and unwavering reliability, along with our world-class technology. It is our spirit of inquiry in pursuit of ever-advancing technology that allows our ideals to be achieved. With our 25 business sites and services centers—13 in Japan and 12 overseas—we strive to provide excitement and delight to people all over the world.

No other company in the industry has a history as long as Via Mechanics. For more than 100 years since our founding in 1910, we have continuously raised the bar for machining technology. Based on technical skill passed down carefully from person to person, we have tirelessly pursued innovation. Today, we carry on that same tradition of quality and design/development technology to meet the requirements of high-end products. By developing and producing all the major hardware and software in-house, we are also able to provide custom products perfectly suited to the needs of each individual customer. Rather than resting on our laurels with our high level of technical skill, we see it as our mission to constantly face the ever-changing needs of our customers and respond to them with speed and efficiency. Moreビアメカニクス

ビアメカニクス ビアメカニクス
The Kind of Future
We at Via Mechanics Envision

In the months and years ahead, technology (such as 5G networks, cloud computing, and electrification of automobiles) will continue to develop at a rapid pace. For this reason, we expect the role played by semiconductor package substrates and printed circuit boards to expand, and that there will be a demand for even higher levels of functionality. Under our motto of “customer satisfaction first,” all parts of our company will comprehensively cooperate to undertake, together with our customers, technological development, manufacturing, and maintenance of the kinds of products that respond to the needs of society as a whole. With our network of dealers and distributors around the world, we will put in place an attentive support system for each region, and work to make the future that we have envisioned into a reality.