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DE-UH Series

The world's highest level resolution and productivity

DE-UH Series

The direct exposure machine in the spotlight leading the next generation of circuit formation

  • Imaging

    Direct Exposure

  • L/S

    8 /8 um

  • PC/Motherboard
  • HDI
  • BGA
  • CSP
  • FC-BGA
  • Package
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Imaging size 510×610mm
    Panel Thickness 0.1~2.0mm
    Light Source Wavelength 405nm
  • Combination of resolution and productivity proof of outstanding technology

    Aiming at even finer-line patterns, an even more minute beam spot diameter has been achieved through repeated unique improvements to the patterning engine optical system.
    Research and development is continuing for a change from the current L/S=8μm to L/S=5μm. Furthermore, a scan speed 1.4 times that of conventional models has been achieved, resulting in substantial improvements in productivity while also enabling a pattern positioning precision of |AVE|+3σ<7μm.

    ■The world's leading technological advancement contributing to dramatic productivity improvements

    The DE-6UH ⅡE responds flexibly to a variety of scale formulas. Cycle time has been improved through real-time compensation for multi-partition areas and the inclusion of a high precision drive axis for alignment cameras, while more effective per-sheet operation times have lead to dramatic improvements in productivity.
    Furthermore, a wealth of performance-improving functions are available with visible job creation and automatic condition generation included in the JOB Viewer, and a line controller offering overall product management online.

    High maintainability

    In the pursuit of easier maintenance, the DE-6UH ⅡE has laser output monitoring and correction functions, as well as automatic optical axis monitoring functionality.
    The main unit has also been made smaller, allowing for a smooth exchange from the contact exposure machine.