Corporate Information

Customer Support

to increase customer satisfaction (CS) from various perspectives Delivering better products and services with which customers are satisfied, and prioitizing what customers want above all. At Via Mechanics, we put the customer first.The company has made this customer-centric principle a cornerstone of its management policy right from the start, and striven unceasingly to increase customer satisfaction (CS) from various perspectives.
The processing technical centers was established for that purpose. This focus on pre-sale services accompanying the introduction of machines to ensure customers are provided with the latest technology, expertise, and other relevant information.

to increase customer satisfaction (CS) from various perspectives At the call center, the CS information system, a centralized databases of customers information and information relating to products, technologies and maintenance, is introduced to ensure swift and accurate responses to customer questions.
The field services established a network consisting of service specialists in the global offices as a core as well as global partner companies, to deliver services that meet customer's needs.
Further, we provide education and training courses for service specialists in and outside Japan who are in charge of technical training for customers following the introduction of machines and delivering high level services.
Via Mechanics has an integrated technical suport system that covers all service phases, before and after sales, and works together with customers to resolve technical issues and problems, and propose solutions.
With an eye on the future, Via Mechanics intends continuously to enhance and advance its solutions business operations.