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New Business Solution

VIAMECH provides solution in the new field with the laser processing technology and know-how cultivated through PCB solutions.
■High speed and high quality laser processing is available with our unique CNC and Optic system.
■various application is provided with various type of laser such as CO2, UV, Green, IR

  • Application
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  • Application

    Applicable Laser Type

    Applicable Laser Type

  • Laser Drilling

    TGV Through Glass Via Appcilation: Glass drilling φ50um t100um pitch 150um
    TGV Through Glass Via

    TSV Through Silicon Via Application: Si drilling TSV Through Silicon Via

    Routing & Cutting
    Application: Glass routing, drilling and laser marking
    routing & cutting

    Thin Film Scribing
    Application: TCO patterning and edge-deletion
    Thin Film Scribing